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B2B Intracommunity supplies (EU)

Business to Business orders within the EU.

Please provide us with your valid and in your country activated VAT number and your full company data, (preferably on an official document). Unfortunately we can not deliver any goods free of VAT with an invalid or missing VAT number. In such case, we are required to calculate VAT on your invoice. VAT numbers are always checked by us.

Business to Private Customers and businesses outside the EU.

Every delivery slip will have mentioned *THIS DELIVERY IS TAX EXEMPT*.
If you have any questions about tax/VAT issue, please contact us.

Please contact us before you order. Once the order is in the system, we can not change it to an Intracommunity order.

Free of VAT delivery to companies within the EU.

When you first visit our webshop, all displayed prices are including VAT.

If you are from outside the EU (European Community) NO taxes (VAT) are applied. If this is the case for you, please contact us after you created an account at our webshop. Please complete your account with the full details like: Name, Address, City, Telephonenumber, Emailaddress etc. etc.

We will then change your account into a NON-EU account. This will not only display the prices in our webshop that are valid for your country, these are also the prices valid for you. No VAT or any fee extra (Shipping charges may apply) NOTE: The approval of your NON-EU account, is based on the invoice and delivery address. So both addresses have to be outside the EU (European Community).

Every invoice you become from us will have mentioned *THIS ORDER IS TAX EXEMPT*.

In some cases it happens that customs keeps your order and will contact you.